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Closeup of Independence, Oregon Christian Church Building

When the Christian Church was built in the 1880s, plank walks connected the businesses on South Main.

Independence building - 8.1 K
Built in 1886
Photo: Industrial Edition Independence
1930 - Page 6
--Courtesy of Heritage Museum,
Independence, OR.

Our file date on this photo
is January 4, 2001

In September of 2004.

A sign over the door.
The National Register of Historic Places shows the church building to have been constructed in 1886 by members of the church at a cost of $2,000. It was listed as Gothic Revival architecture.

Three major changes from the original building can be identified. The building was moved to its present location from a few blocks away, and the 50 foot belltower and steeple were removed. A social area was added to one side, nearly doubling the size of the original building.

As automobiles replaced horses for transportation, many smaller churches closed and the Independence Christian Church was among them. Monmouth is a few minutes drive to the west and the church there was larger.

When the church stopped meeting, the building was sold to the Pythian Sisters, a fraternal organization associated with the Knights of Pythias.

Later, Kim DeMastus purchased the building and developed it as a private residence while tastefully restoring several of the features of the church-use years. It is home to David and Kim along with their daughter.

Because of the 20 foot ceiling, a partial second story was added inside. This provided space for a master bedroom, bathroom and office.

Downstairs, the church platform area has been divided into two bedrooms and the platform steps have been retained, so the beds are elevated above the common floor level.

As was common among churches, the social area was added sometime after 1900. Mrs. DeMastus has kept the kitchen in the same location, but with modern upgrades to cabinets, work area and plumbing.

The elegant old building has full dimension lumber. Here a 2 x 6 measures two inches by six inches.

One original pew remains, made of straight-grain lumber.

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