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The Santa Cruz Tabernacle

Christian Church Tabernacle in Santa Cruz, CA
Built in 1889

The land for the Tabernacle and its neighborhood was provided by the City of Santa Cruz, as was some cash and survey records. The land, in turn, was sold to believers throughout California and the money was used to build the Tabernacle. It was placed in the center of the circular housing development. The grand building seated 2,000 people with commodious commitee rooms below the seating.

One could look out the front door to the ocean. The little community was served by electric cars from downtown.

The unusual shape of the Tabernacle may have been related to the hexagonal configuration of Alexander Campbell's small study in Bethany, West Virginia. Also note the two entrances, reminiscent of the church building in Bethany, West Virginia.

The tabernacle was located in Garfield Park, almost certainly named after James A. Garfield who had been assassinated in 1881. President Garfield was a preacher in the Christian Church.

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