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Beginning of the story


When at the age of fifteen or sixteen he was often quoting and reading the Scriptures in defense of his position, which was a long way in advance of the regular Baptist doctrine. Preacher after preacher was sent to Widow Waller's to convince her boy Mac of the truth of the Baptist position. One after another retreated, and left the boy in possession of the field.

At last Mac's influence and teachings so leavened the whole church that old Bro. Bower, the Baptist oracle, came into the community to show the people the "old landmarks." But behold! the "old landmarks" were Baptist landmarks, not New Testament landmarks.

When old Bro. Bower arose to address the people he said: "I am an English scholar; I am a German scholar; I am a Latin scholar; I am a Greek scholar." Then followed the sermon on Baptist origin and progress. The Bible was wholly ignored, and set aside as entirely irrelevant. On went this Baptist Hercules for four long hours, sweeping all before him. At last he ended, and a great calm came on.

At the close Mac looked over that vast congregation of over seven hundred, and asked himself: " Has God no mouth-piece here?" After a pause he began - how or why he knew not. For forty-five minutes he reviewed the old brother's sermon, item by item. Then he thundered in the old brother's ear: "Am I right or am I not right, Bro. Bower?"


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