Pioneer Preacher: Reminiscences of Mac Waller Part 7

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Beginning of the story


About this time a Bro. Burbridge came over from Missouri into Illinois land-hunting. When he came into the neighborhood, he heard of the religious stir, and one evening about sun-down he appeared at the door of Widow Waller's home and begged to stay over night. Their Christian hospitality is extended to him.

At the fireside he says: "Mrs. Waller, what church is this up here that is having some trouble? And what is the nature of it?"

She hesitated, but at last points to Mac and says: "They say my son there seems to have played a large part in it and he can tell you."

"He is a small pattern to do such deeds. I would like to know something of this strange doctrine."

After some hesitation, he is at last persuaded to explain the situation. With Bible in hand he went over the argument.

"But when do you preach up there again?" says the stranger.

"Next Sunday," answered the boy.

"This is surely strange doctrine, my boy, and as I shall be here over Lord's day, I shall wait to hear this sermon."

Mac was somewhat fearful to have the stranger present, for he had told him that he sometimes preached a little, too.

Sunday came. Mac begged the brethren to have the stranger preach. At last it was so decided. He did preach. Bro. Mac says: "It seemed like bringing a light into a dark room. All were carried away with the truths he gave us." The people were "placed on a new eminence - a new peak of the mountain of God - from which the whole landscape of Christianity presented itself to their minds in a new attitude and position," and yet this is the very light this boy was leading to.

The stranger -Bro. Burbridge - preached for them three Lord's days. They heartily indorsed him. All allowed him a sound and marvelously clear Bible teacher.

Then the stranger said: "I have bought the land near that on which the church stands and am going back now to Missouri to get my family, and will be back as soon as I can. But, in the meantime, keep this boy at work. He will do your good. Before I go, however, I want to tell you this doctrine this boy is teaching is what you have heard called 'Campbell's,' and I am one of those hated people myself."

Mac says: "We were breathless, astounded; there was nothing we hated as we did Campbellism. We were almost driven back into the Baptist Church."


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