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Beginning of the story



In April of 1878, the Ladies' Missionary Society, of Monmouth, whose president was Sister Steuben Powell, secured Bro. Waller to deliver an address on the missionary work.

His address was so heartily received that immediately they asked him to go out as their representative. His wages were to be just enough to pay a hired man to do the work on his farm. When they sent him out, they have but $25 in the treasury; when he makes his returns at the end of the year, they have paid him and $75 in the treasury.

His plan was that the weak and feeble churches were to receive their help, instead of the stronger bodies. On this line he labored all year, save when he on his own hook went to the yearly meetings in the various counties, and held the meetings in Washington Territory.

During this missionary year he does the following work, among many others he can't recall: The work at Salt Creek is revived, and he also strengthens the little band at Louisville and Web Foot. Organized a nice church near the summit of the coast range. He also organized the first body ever organized in Linn county, at Oak Creek. Various places are visited and strengthened, till the year closes.

Editor's notes: Something was confused here in the oral transmission because the town was named Summit and it is located just north of Highway 20 in Benton County.

Oak Creek was far from the earliest congregation in Linn County. Many groups began in the 1850s. The Oak Creek church itself was established before 1878, the time frame under discussion.

He then refuses to work for the society another year, and starts out on his own hook. He never returns home that he does not receive many Macedonian cries, and by the advice of Sister Waller - noble, Christlike woman - he goes to these, leaving as many calls from the wealthier churches to be answered by other brethren who are not able financially to look after the weaker people.

Sister Gillam, an invalid mother, sends asking him to come up in the coast range and preach to her, her family and neighbors. He does so, and Sister Gillam's children, and many of her neighbors, are obedient to the faith.


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