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Beginning of the story


Then the moderator asks: "Who will baptize the boy of Sister Waller's? I won't."

"Nor I." "Nor I," shout they all, until at last a Brother Osborn says: "I will baptize him, for I believe God can forgive him just as well after baptism as before; for all things are possible with God."

He was immediately baptized in the Mova Star River. He then wants to join the church, and Bro. Osborn says: "I am in favor of taking him in." "What!" says the moderator, "Take him in without religion?"

The doors, however, were opened wide enough at last, and now he is in the church again as a member. But this tail-piece was pasted on in the form of a request that "all Baptists throughout the length and breadth of the United States pray that Mac Waller would yet be converted to see a light." Mac often, during the succeeding years, heard prayers for his conversion.

He was now a happy boy. His joy was great for now he was baptized, and, according to the Good Book, was saved.

He remained in the Baptist church about three years, until the time came when he withdrew from the Baptist society, and was followed by 84 of the 88 members of the church there. This, however, will be explained in full elsewhere.


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